Window Wells – Standard Sizes

Window Wells
Window Wells - Standard Sizes

Window Wells

Easy Installation With Pre-Drilled Holes

Window Well Overview

Conquest Steel window wells allow extra light into basement windows, protect windows during backfill and are key component of a leakproof basement. Standard and custom sizes are available.

Window Well Features

  • Heavy Gauge Galvanized Steel for long life
  • Pre-Drilled Holes on flanges for easy installation
  • Folded hem on top edge for safety. 
  • Variety of sizes and styles available.

Window Well Availability

Conquest Steel standard sized window wells are stocked at building centers, hardware stores  and landscaping yards across Canada. Custom sizes are available by order. Please Contact Us to find a retailer near you.

Sizing Your Window Well

Your window well should be correctly sized to ensure maximum utility:

  1. Your window well should be high enough to extend 4-6” above the soil grade and deep enough to extend at least 8” below the bottom of the window.
  2. Your window well should be at least 4-6” wider than the window opening.

How to Size your Custom Window Well

Installing Your Window Well

Your window well should be installed securely against the foundation. Correct installation prevents damage due to frost heave or heavy backfill. Check our installation guide for complete details.

How to Install Your Window Well

Window Wells – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Standard Sizes of Window Wells Available?

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Can I Have Custom Sized Window Wells Made?

Yes! For small orders a variety of widths and projections are available in the following heights: 12″, 14″, 22″, 24″, 30″, 36″ and 42″, with short lead times. For large requirements any combination of width, projection and height can be produced to meet your project needs. Contact your local distributor for a quotation on the size you require.

What are the Size Limitations on Custom Sized Window Wells?

If either the width is less than 20″ or the projection is less than 8″, the window well will need to be made with square corners instead of normal round corners.

The maximum height possible in a single piece is 42″. For requirements greater than 42″ in height, multiple pieces will be joined.

For long spans that are subject to heavy back fill extra enforcement be required.

Please be sure to advise of any special requirements for your project.

Can I Extend the Height of My Current Window Well?

When possible we recommend removing and replacing old window wells. If you or your water proofing contractor determine that this can not be done, it is possible to extend your current window well by purchasing a similar sized unit to wrap around the older unit to increase the height. However, we can not guarantee a perfect fit between older and newer window wells.

Do I Need to Anchor My Window Well to the Foundation?

We highly recommend that your secure your window well by anchoring to the foundation. Over time without proper anchoring your window well can shift due to seasonal frost heave. This is not only unsightly but can compromise your basements waterproofing around windows.

After 10 Years: Without Anchoring
After 10 Years: With Anchoring
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