Raised Garden Beds make gardening accessible and are great for vegetables and flowers with deep roots. They are a perfect addition to any yard, rooftop or patio.

View our Raised Garden Beds Picture Gallery below to see great possible uses of Conquest Steel Raised Garden Beds!

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Our raised garden beds will not rust, rot, or split


Our steel beds are non-toxic and non-leaching


Available in heights up to 36″, promoting accessibility

Simple + ready to use

Steel beds come 2 or 4 easy-to-assemble pieces

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled material and are environmentally friendly

Environmentally responsible

Reduce your carbon footprint by growing at home

How to size

There are many sizes available, you can choose one or more to fit the space you have.

Our garden beds are available in 12″, 22″, 30″, and 36″ heights.

How to install

All you need to install your Raised Garden Bed is a screwdriver.

Once your chosen ground is level, simply connect the sections of your raised bed using the wing nuts and screws provided, then tighten with a screw driver. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Raised Garden Beds Picture Gallery

Below are pictures of our beds in action. To view our featured projects, visit our Community page.

Frequently Asked Questions


Conquest Steel Raised Garden Beds are better priced than cedar and plastic alternatives.

Raised Garden Beds are available for purchase online at They are also available at building centers and landscaping yards across Canada.

Please Contact Us to find a retail location near you.