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Terrace Window Wells

Terrace Window Wells

A Great View From Your Basement


Terrace window wells are comprised of  multiple steps with each with the same width but different projections. When layered on top of one another the result is wide open space that lets in extra light, provides convienent steps for egress and beautiful space in which to garden to bright your basement.


  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel Construction 

  • Pre Punched Holes on Flanges for Easy Installation

  • Each Section is Individual Installed 

  • Make Excellent Egress Window Wells

  • When Sealed With a Window Well Cover Make Excellent Greenhouses 

Sizing your Terrace Window Well

Your terrace window well should be correctly sized to ensure maximum enjoyment.

  1. Your terrace window well set should be high enough to extend 4-6” above the soil grade and deep enough to extend at least 8” below the bottom of the window.
  2. Your terrace window well set should be at least 4-6” wider than the window opening.
  3. Your terrace window well projection should meet minimum code specifications for your region.

Installing Your Terrace Window Well

Your terrace window well should be installed securely against the foundation. Check our installation guide for complete details


What are Standard Terrace Window Well Sizes?

Terrace window well are specifically designed to meet the needs of individual jobs, but we recommend that the totally height be at least 36″ and the minimum project be at least 12″.

Can Terrace Window Wells be Used as Egress Window Wells

Yes they can. Terrace window wells can be an excellent option in situations that require egress wells.

Are covers available for Terrace Window Wells

Yes, covers are available and recommend due to the large exposed surface area that terrace wells can present. They also help keep the well warm for gardening.

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