Window Well Covers

Window Well Covers

Window Well Covers

Light Enough to Lift, Strong Enough to Stand On

Window Well Cover Features

  • Prevent debris, water, animals and people from falling into window wells
  • Built from weather resistant materials for Canadian winters – will not crack, yellow or rust 
  • Unique hinge design and installation methods help meet egress code – easily slides or flips open 
  • Pre drilled holes in hinge make installation easy – can be completed in minutes with basic tools
  • Can be made to fit any size window well. 

Window Well Cover Pricing and Availability

Conquest Steel Window Well Covers start from $45 and  are in stock at building centers, hardware stores and landscaping yards across Canada.

Click to find a Rona Store near you with stock of window wells covers.

Or Inquire at your local Tim-Br Mart, Federated Co-Op or BMR store about placing a special order..

Contact Us to find a retail location near you.

Installing Your Window Well Cover – Can be Installed Three Different Ways!

Conquest Steel window well covers are easy to install. Simply attach the cover to your wall using the pre-drilled holes and appropriate mounting hardware. Installation instructions are available in our installation guide.

Standard installation

Sloped installation

Split hinge installation

Sizing your Window Well Cover

Your cover should be slightly larger than your window well. Detailed instructions are available. 

Standard Window Well Covers

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Custom Window Well Covers

Custom window well covers can be made for your window well quickly and cost effectively with appropriate measurements. Detailed instructions for sizing your custom cover are available. 


Window Well Cover – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Standard Sizes of Window Well Covers Available?

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Are Custom Window Well Covers Available?

Yes. Conquest can produce a variety of shapes and styles of covers to meet your specific application.

How Do I Measure My Window Well for a Cover?

Please refer to our ‘How to Size Your Cover’ guide.

Will the Plastic Surface of the Window Well Cover Crack?

No. Unlike thin bubble covers, Conquest window well covers are made from thick durable polycarbonate material, designed to withstand Canadian freeze/thaw cycles.  The same material is used as the glass in hockey rinks!

Do You Make Metal Grate Window Well Covers

No, we do not. Metal grate covers are heavy and cannot be removed for quick escape which in many cases violates codes for basement bedroom windows. Conquest window well covers provide the same protection, allow light transmission and can be removed easily.

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