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Raised Garden Beds

No Bending, No Weeding, No Digging

Raised Garden Bed Overview

Raised Garden Beds make gardening accessible and are great for vegetables and flowers with deep roots. They are a perfect addition to any yard, rooftop or patio.

View our Raised Garden Beds Picture Gallery below to see great possible uses of Conquest Steel Raised Garden Beds!

Popular sizes are listed in the Raised Garden Bed Size Chart below.

Raised Garden Bed Features

  • Galvanized Steel Will Not Rust, Rot or Split 
  • Easy Assembly. All You Need Is a Screw Driver.
  • Keep Weeds, Pests and Pets Out of Your Garden.

Pricing and Availability

Prices for Conquest Steel Raised Garden Beds start at $40. Conquest Steel Raised Garden Beds are better priced than cedar and plastic alternatives.

Raised Garden Beds are available at building centers and landscaping yards across Canada.

Please Contact Us to find a retail location near you.

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Raised Garden Bed Sizing Chart

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Custom configurations and sizing are available.

Raised Garden Bed – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Steel Over Wood for Your Raised Garden Bed?

Cedar wood can rot, splinter and discolor over time. Pressure treated wood is coated with chemicals that can leach into the soil and contaminant growing plants.  Galvanized steel is weather resistant, made with recycled steel content, and does not leach into surrounding soil

Why Choose Steel Over Plastic for Your Raised Garden Bed?

Not only is galvanized steel made from recycled content, it has exceptionally long life and can be recycled again when its life cycle is complete. Additonally there is no chance of harmful chemicals leaching into your vegetable garden

Can I get my Raised Garden Bed Pre-painted?

On large orders your raised garden bed can be fabricated from pre-painted galvanized steel.

On smaller orders your raised garden bed can be sent for painting or you can even paint it yourself using metal paints available at most hardware stores.

Is it Safe to Grow Vegetables in Galvanized Steel Raised Garden Bed?

Yes, it is. 

Galvanized Steel is coated with zinc to provide corrosion protection to the steel under layer.  This is material safety and data sheet for galvanized steel.

Zinc is natural existing and formed element. Zinc is considered an essential mineral for human consumption and is even included in most single tablet vitamin or mineral supplements.  Zinc is believed to have many positive antioxidant properties as well playing a key role in healing and the operation of several enzymes. Most diets recommend an intake of approximately 12mg of zinc a day for normal healthy adult.

Although zinc is essential for a healthy body, it can be dangerous if inhaled during the welding process or ingested in large quantities (a common example is eating a large quantity of American pennies). For this reason we do not recommend welding or eating your garden bed.

The amount of zinc that enters the soil from the garden bed under normal conditions is not significant. You may still need to enrich your soil with zinc supplements if you intend to grow certain crops or are using acidic soils.

Are Raised Beds Difficult to Install?

No – all you  need is a screwdriver.

Once your ground is level simply connect the sections of your raised bed using the wing nuts and screws provided and tighten with a screw driver.  The entire process takes only a few minutes.

How Much Top Soil Is Required in a Raised Garden Bed?

The amount of soil required depends on the root length of  plants growing in the raised bed. For most flowers, herbs, and some vegetables 12″ of soil is plenty of room for roots. However, some plants such as roses, or vegetables such as carrots require more soil. Refer individual plant instrucitons to be sure of how much top soil is required.

Can Raised Beds be Used for Composting?

Yes. Raised Garden Beds are an make excellent compost areas

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