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Drywall Studs and Tracks

Drywall Studs and Tracks 

Quick, Efficient, Cost Effective Wall Construction


Drywall Studs and tracks are an excellent choice for wall construction.


  • Corrosion Resistant Galvanized Steel 

  • Multiple pre-punched holes for to allow for passage of plumbing, electrical, and other services. 

  • Embossed flanges allow for extra screw grip

  • Available in a variety sizes, widths, thickness, and lengths

  • Custom Sizes Available. 

Detailed Description

Steel framing components provide consistent dimensions, resulting in straighter and stronger walls and floors. Superior strength allows for longer floor spans and taller walls. Screw-attached steel eliminate squeaks, nail pops, and callbacks for repairs. Steel is noncombustible, offering the designer several rated noncombustible assemblies. Galvanized members won’t shrink, warp, rot or split and cannot be eatin by termites. These qualities can result in long term insurance savings. Lightgauge steel is easy to use, and offers pre-punched utility holes to easily permit installation of pipe and conduit. Steel is comparably light weight to other products, reducing handling cost and labor fatigue.


Popular Sizes

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Are Custom Sizes Available


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